Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Right Now

Inspirations: Right Now! Color & Pattern ( right back at you, Natasha :) from Mina Stone. Images from Stuart & Wright and Domahoka.

Reading: Joan Didion's The White Album- nervous breakdowns, and hanging out with the Doors. So far so good.

Listening: MGMT: "Siberian Breaks" Holy sh*t, I know I'm the last person on earth to listen to this...but heard this song on KCRW as I was driving to LAX to pick up Tomory.I was hoping, praying is was maybe new Belle and Sebastian (I stopped listening to them a long time ago) - because it reminded me so much of all of their great EP's they did- Lazy Line Painter Jane, 3, 6, 9 Seconds of Light, Dog on Wheels...but alas, no. Still a great song, though. MGMT. Who knew?

***Really wish I could show you some of the prints I'm working on, but I'm waiting to get them back from the printer (they are digital prints), and I need to copyright them first! They are either really ugly, or really beautiful. I can't decide which.

****My 500th post was a couple days ago. I do plan to celebrate with a giveaway. I'm going to Seattle for a few days, and plan to bring stuff back (for the give away) from Uwajimaya.

Off to sew.


modaspia said...

ah thanks for the nice comment..where's that gorgeous yellow top? i'm waiting in line for that one. i'm also contemplating scooping up all the wiksten-mociun pieces once she posts them so look out girls!

cheryl cambras said...

thanks for the pattern inspiration and the great links! xoxo

UNIFORM Studio said...

Hi Jennifer!
Can't seem to find your email.
can you email me at:
hello (at) uniformnatural (dot) com?


Megan Taylor said...

love MGMT...do you have their first album, Oracle Spectacular? It's amaaaaazing!

Jennifer said...

Five hundred posts?!? You are awesome! I love that dyed tunic so much...
Have fun in Seattle; I can't wait to see what you bring back for your giveaway!

Jocy said...

Ahh, I too was craving these items before my move. I'm craving tie-dye right now... may have to repost.