Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mood Board: Exene, Su Tissue, and the Bang(s/les)

Above & Below- Su Tissue

Above & Below: Exene Cervenka


Above: more Exene

The Bangles

Tomory's parents shipped us a bunch of his old books and comics (Love and Rockets...Hopey! Maggie! Izzy!).

One of the books was this funny large- format paperback book called "Hardcore California : A History of Punk and New Wave."

There were some grainy images of Su Tissue (from Suburban old punk/new wave band that was founded at T's alma mater- Cal Arts), Exene Cervenka of X and early Bangles (formerly the Bangs).

Not so much into the specific outfits in these images- I'm kind of tired of this whole 80's & early 90's revival. More interested in the attitude of these women and the way they constructed a look .

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