Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Day (You Are Free).

(Still love that Catpower Album- You Are Free).

Yesterday was my first day of being unemployed. Or I should say: Self- employed.

Got up a bit later than I intended-but forced myself to put on my sweatpants & tennis shoes & go for a walk.

One major problem of my former job was that it was waaaay too sedentary.
I would literally sit in a tiny office with no window & poor ventilation and even poorer temperature control- it was always either too hot, too cold or too stuffy- for 7-8 hours a day. It was awful. I didn't gain weight because I was physically sick all of the time- but I easily could have because I just. sat. there. Ugh.

Resolution # 1 as a free woman (ha) : to exercise! Get the body moving & endorphins flowing.
Endorphins- a.k.a.- Nature's anti-depressants.

I went on a 45 minute walk today- working my way up to jogging/running- and snapped the above photos.
Made sure to walk past the bougainvillea covered palm tree I had only previously glimpsed from my car as I drove to my old job.

Other highlights: Finishing a muslin of the dress I will be producing, and making crack sandwiches for dinner (Cubanos --served with Natasha's beans & rice, and super ripe organic honey dew melon slices).

Listening to all the LCD Soundsystem albums and Linger & Quiet Podcasts I've been meaning to get to for months!!


Claire said...

I should make jogging like you!!!.... Last year maybe!!!!

Janis said...

Don't you feel like a new born? Such a good head space to be in especially for creativity (and life) - Have fun!

Anonymous said...

bougainvillea is one of the things that i miss the most from socal living - that tree is totally insane.
do you like cycling?? my favorite kind of exercise because you can go so far and so fast...

Ritva said...

do enjoy!

love that first flower, it´s päivänsini in finnish ;)

modaspia said...

it's pretty liberating. when i quit my job i had a dream that nite i was standing in a stream of cold, clear water. i could see my toes, the pebbles, little fish. i felt so great.
walking is good! when you work at home and start really getting into projects it's easy to get sedentary too because you're so involved. walking and dancing highly recommended! i'm happy for you. my mom was a nurse and it took a big toll on her physically.

Megan Taylor said...

off the hook, completely off the hook! you, my friend, have been rocking it with the posts lately. your photos are unbelievable, as is your sense for and absorption of beauty and inspiration. congrats on a very successful 1st day as a self-employed artiste! long walks are the key to structuring the days. i can't wait for more. i believe there will be lots, i can just tell...xoxoxo!

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful way to spend the first day of your life after freedom! I keep trying to get myself on a regular routine of walking the boardwalk at Jones Beach here on Long Island, but I'm not disciplined enough yet :)
The dress muslin looks great... I can't wait to see the finished product!

And I have to thank you for turning me on to LCD Soundsystem. I just got hold of their new album over the weekend and am slowly experiencing it, seeing what I like and what I feel I can skip over. Eventually I'll have to get the earlier (two?) albums as well.