Monday, June 14, 2010

Moon Canyon

I took a 'marathon' 1.5 hour walk the other day.

I've been doing it like this: No cell phone. No iPod. Just my house key & my camera.
No water even (stupid...was really wishing I had some at the end of this walk).
I head off in one direction. No plan in mind. No map. Just go...I kind of get lost and have to find my way back.
I came upon "Moon Canyon" after hiking up into the Mt. Washington neighborhood. What? I never even knew this was there!
I started to descend into the 'canyon'. My urban mind started to go wild. What if somebody is down there and attacks me? No one knows that I'm cell phone...a woman alone... What If I keel over because I'm so out of shape? I'm really out of this is a bad idea...

I went down in anyway.

It was more of a very tiny gully, really. Kind of pretty. Reminded me a bit of the landscape of CA's central coast.

And nothing bad happened.

Below: couple more shots as I descended back down into my 'hood.
Hope your weekend was great.


Janis said...

Walking is so good and I feel like a schlump when I see how energetic you are!

Moon Canyon, what a great name. Happy journey...

Megan Taylor said...

sounds like a great adventure! what's not to love about taking a little risk here and there, especially when you get such amazing pics and memories out of it, xo!

Jennifer said...

Moon Canyon, it is a great name...for a book or a collection of poems (Megan!).

Don't feel bad Janis, it only looks like I'm energetic...I haven't been on my walks for 2-3 days now!

P R I M O E Z A said...

love the story. it's so energising when you do something a little scary and outside your normal routine (and it turns out well).

ah-yi said...

i didn't know there is moon canyon. it looks like a fun marathon.
i've been working and working. i can't believe i was in taiwan a month ago. i already think about a break.

i have crazy schedule now but two weeks later. maybe we can have coffee together or we can go hiking together!!