Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alex Dodge & Forth Estate

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I have blogged about the work of Alex Dodge before. *

He just happens to be my brother in law, as well as a talented artist and designer.
This is a recently finished (bound by the artist's own hand!) edition of prints (4 topographic maps of beds plotter printed on mylar) that Alex created in conjunction with master printer Luther Davis and artist Glen Baldridge of Forth Estate.
Glen and Luther produce some truly astounding prints through Forth Estate. I had the opportunity to watch both men at work while Tomory was creating an edition for CRG, and was blown away by both their aesthetic sense and technical expertise.

* (I swear, I have married into such a talented family. Madeleine, Tomory's mother, is a great painter, and John, my other brother in law has recently been acting in films, and is writing short stories. David, Tomory's father, is a retired physician, and studies languages, the classics, history. Sometimes I feel like I'm in The Royal Tenenbaums.
Does that make me Margot? Or am I more of an Eli Cash figure? Hmmm...)


cheryl cambras said...

I really like his work, thanks for sharing it!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Cheryl.
Alex makes it out here from time to time...maybe you'll get to meet him one day!