Monday, December 22, 2008

These first three images are Christmas cards designed by Tomory's brother Alex (caution: adult content on his webpage) - who is a talented artist in his own right:

From John and Yoko:
I've put this up in one of the windows of our house for the past few years around each Christmas time.

Peace on Earth

This will be my last post for the old year. Happy Holidays everyone, and thanks to you all for your encouraging words and taking the time to look at this little blog. It has been a pleasure to meet so many creative people via the blogging world this year.
Wishing you all health and happiness: see you in 2009!


n a t s u m i said...

I love your blog!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspiraions!

Happy Holidays!!

Ritva said...

all the best to you
and a peaceful christmas for everyone!!

kris said...

I wish you very very happy holidays!
xxx Kris

mansuetude said...

love the sand and stone peace sign.

Happy New year.