Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fabric goodness.

Above: shots of my latest Harwood Steiger acquisition.
It's called "Out West"
I'm going to make cushions out of's a nice sturdy burlap-y heavy cotton.

Trying out fabric combos for projects. Above: probably a bag. Below: this will be a scarf/ kerchief with a different pattern on each side.
The striped fabric with the dots is my own design, the other is a Naomi Ito fabric.
She is my textile idol.

Above : a couple of details of the Naomi Ito fabric I am using for the kerchief. Lovely. Genius.

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Janis said...

Hi Jennifer,
I love the blue H.S. fabric. It reminds me of an African textile (I forgot the name at the moment) and the "orange" side by side combo is fabu!