Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Got myself a present for Christmas:
The Winter Scarf by Christy Berry for Wiksten.

I haven't learned to weave (yet!). This scarf is so well made, and classic...I look forward to wearing it for years to come.

Lemons left over from breakfast. I love the light at this moment. This photo also happens to remind me of this one by Ritva.


jenny gordy said...

thank you for the post!!! : ) it looks so great on you. i'm really glad you got one of those scarves. they're just lovely, aren't they? so unique. go, christy!

Ritva said...

you are a funny lady!!!!
you know, it´s sooo dark here now without the snow, it´s depressing.
so thank you very much! you made my day! actually it´s night now ;)

n a t s u m i said...

You got really nice present!! It looks great on you!

Jennifer said...

thank you all...
for your comments- they make me so happy.

Jenny: thank you so much for checking out my blog- I'm honored :)

Ritva: I couldn't believe it- lemons, pink background...I thought it was funny too, but I like your photo better! Glad I could lighten your day/night.

Natsumi: was a bit of a splurge. I justify it this way: I'm trying to buy a few (hopefully handmade) things that are well made, well designed...that I can use for a long time to come as opposed to buying a bunch of stuff that I'll tire of and really don't need.

Christy said...

Couldn't help seeing your comment on Jenny's blog. I'm so glad you're pleased with the scarf, that makes my day!