Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yesterday I made Mrs. Ruth Corwin's Cranberry Pie.
It's super easy and super delicious. The recipe is included in Feast,
a lovely little book by Lena Corwin and Maria Alexandra Vetese.
Maria's photographs are as wonderful as ever, and I love Lena's pairing of her photographs with her drawings.
The book is a limited edition of 300 and is available for purchase here.


Lena said...

thank you for this sweet post about feast. your pie looks beautiful!
....and where is your table cloth from?? i love it.

Jennifer said...

Lena, thanks so much for commenting!
The table cloth is my own design. I purchased the linen from Leslie Good on Etsy and Gocco printed the design. You can see other images of my work in older posts. I'm thrilled you like it :)

Lena said...

oh! it's great... i love the geometric pattern and imperfect placement of the repeat. and the colors are great too. nice job!