Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mi Familia (Rodina Cuhel)

My cousin Mickey, who also loved my Great Aunt Ermie dearly, is also a nurse and has conducted quite a bit of research into the genealogy of our family. He recently shared these photographs with me.
Above: My Great Grandparents (left) with two of their daughters. My Great, Great Uncle is on the right. Ermie is the younger of the two girls, in the center of the photograph.
I love this photo of her.

**Edit 2/4/10: My Cousin Mickey just emailed me with the specifics: (from left top) Ludvik (my Great Grandfather) Frances (bottom left, my Great Grandmother), my Great Aunt Ermie in the center, my Great Aunt Henrietta (bottom far right) and (top right) Uncle Bohumil.

Directly above & below: Great Uncle Bab (Frank J. Cuhel) in Polo and track & field gear (above & below)

Ermie as a young woman.

Ermie, which is short for Ermengarde means "Whole" or "Universal."
Vincenza was her middle name which means "Conquering" or "Persevering."
I like that.
** Obviously, this is not the Corner View. I'll likely be joining in again towards the end of October.
My new job, while great, involves A LOT of time on the computer. So, the last thing I have had the energy for these last few weeks, is to spend more time on the computer. It's also been hard for me to take photographs, as when I get up it's dark, and by the time I come home, it's dark.
I'm going to have to come up with some creative solutions in order to continue this blog...but fear not!
Thanks for being patient with me during this transition.


janis said...

Jennifer, this is a beautiful post and I so loved the old family photos you shared. Ermie next to the horse reminds me of your energy and spirit.

...And even for those who have an abundance of energy like you seem to have, it's hard to do everything all at once. I think you are doing amazing things - the clothing line and commuting to a new job...WHEW! We won't go away - we're out here. Take care, xoxo, j.

cheryl cambras said...

Great photos! Wow, there's really a strong resemblance between you, your great grandma, and Ermie. Lovely ladies, all of ya!

Claire said...

I love old photos... They were so elegant!
Good luck for your new job! take your time and take care of you Jennifer...

Jeannette said...

Well...for me this is a Corner View post about love...the love for your family and Great Aunt Ermie. ;)
What a wonderful thing to have such beautiful pictures of them. My favorite is Great Uncle Bab in his Polo gear!
And I will be more than happy to see more of these.
♥ Jeannette

Ritva said...

i think this is a love post!
and a very elegant one.
thank you for that!

i wish you all the energy and luck in everything you do...take care!

UNIFORM Studio said...

you have so much going on right now -no need for apologies.
good luck with it all.
we'll still be here:)

natsumi nishizumi said...

Jennifer, this is a great post!! I love these photos.. very beautiful!!

woow, I can't wait to meet you here in NYC next month! oxox

jane said...

this pictures are fab. love the images and the words. it´s amazing what you can do in the dark! :) happy sunday!