Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dandelion Clock

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of viewing the work (pictured above) of Los Angeles based artist John B. Carpenter.

You can view his piece Dandelion Clock, 2009, here.

His website states, "
in this work, dandelion pappi, the little white parachutes that carry the dandelion's seeds, move about the room and rely on feedback loops and emergent systems as they float through space and interact with the viewer."

It inspired me to take these photographs below:

Once again, I didn't get my act together to (fully) participate in the Corner View.

This weeks theme was so fun, too- "My Dream."
If I'm talking literally about my dream(s) -I have really crazy dreams sometimes...involving alien invasions, zombies, tornadoes, and nuclear apocalypses!

If we are talking about other types of current dream is to give up my day job of being a nurse, and to focus full time on designing textiles, and sewing garments with them.
(Dream on, I guess, for now).

In keeping with the theme of dreams, feel free to make a wish on these dandelion images. Maybe your dream will come true.



Cabrizette said...

Beautiful Post...I didn't know this artist. His work is realy interesting. Thanks

Daan said...

Beautiful, indeed!

likeschocolate said...

Great photos!!!!!

Claire said...

Your images are so beautiful...
And I understand very well your dream!...

janis said...

I love looking at the detailed center of your dandilion - thanks for the beautiful shot.

Here's to dreaming dreams and wishes coming true ... xo.

Jennifer said...

Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you :)

I think we both have a similar dream.

I can't believe I took that photo. Sometimes I feel like it's cheating using a digital camera (having used a manual camera with real film back in the day). The Macro function gets some amazing results...
I never knew how jagged the seeds were until I took this picture.

Guusje said...


Ritva said...

so beautiful, jennifer!
your photos, your dream and the work of that artist too!
thanks a lot!

la ninja said...

dandelion dream, more like! :)

you'll get there, you'll see, perseverance, perseverance (s/thing I totally lack myself unfortunately, boo hoo!)

*gemmifer* said...

What beautiful photos, Jennifer! And the Dandelion Clock is so cool... I had fun playing with it on Carpenter's website.