Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Can't Quit You, Baby

Couldn't resist breaking the Moratorium again to share some photos of our brief Central Coast trip. We went to Cambria & Paso Robles...walking on the beach, eating great food, and wine tasting. We squeezed in a funny little photo- shoot on the beach in front of our hotel for some better shots of the ERMIE Fall line.
There is so much good stuff going on, but I feel really tired. The new job is going well. I have my own office! I get an hour for lunch! But I'm trying to get used to working 5 days a week (in a a normal person) and my 45 min-1 hr commute each way. Whew. How are you?
Sorry I missed the Corner View, but I'll see you again soon.



Claire said...

Your photos are splendid! And this sandwich... Hummmm!

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Very good shots !

janis said...

Welcome back! Glad you blogged with us during your very busy time.

Happy first week of work Jennifer! xo...

Ritva said...

thank you jennifer for the tour!
great shots...would like to be there!

have a happy week!

*gemmifer* said...

Hang in there, Jennifer! You'll soon adjust to your new schedule and environment. The killer commute, now that may take a bit longer... maybe stock up on podcasts from NPR, PRI, and APR to listen to on the drive?

at swim-two-birds said...

lovely photos Jennifer, hope you're charged up again soon.
I missed the september post with the pincushion, thank you for posting it, i hope you like it :-)

jane said...

that sandwich looks awesome! glad to hear everything is going well!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, for the nice comments.

Tomory puts together a mean sandwich:this one was goat cheese, salami, and pear!

Gemmifer- yes-I was thinking about books on tape/podcasts/ something like that!

Renilde- you are welcome...I'm still awaiting the arrival of the pincushion- hopefully this week? :)

Jane- sorry to have missed the Corner View- will join in again soon :)