Monday, October 26, 2009

Henrik Vibskov

As promised from yesterday's post. The designs of Henrik Vibskov.

I had seen Carlee wearing the vest before (1st, 2nd photos) but was too shy to ask at that time who had made it.

The other night , Tomory & I went out to dinner with Carlee & her husband David, and she was wearing these incredible zig-zag leggings (pictured above) ! I forgot about being shy and demanded to know the maker, and Carlee, being the sweet person that she is, was happy to oblige.

Also love this scarf by Vibskov!

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trinsch said...

i really love his designs too. him and stine goya are among my favorite danish designers (not that i have any of their designs, though, just love to look at it:). check her out: - she's really amazing with cuts and patterns.