Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The yoke is done for the "Smashing Smock." I'm surprised with how well it turned out...and it wasn't that hard. Now for the rest of the body, which I hope to finish today. I even made the button out of one of those little fabric covered button making kits. Does any one know where you can purchase additional 5/8" buttons (without the tool). Or kits for larger fabric covered buttons?

I'm already planning my next project. The "I'll Have One of Everything Bag." With my own Gocco printed fabric.
After shooting the last photo (directly above) I knocked my tea over with my foot. It went every where. One thing about me dear friends and readers: I am a massive klutz!


natsumi said...

woow, this is very pretty! I love the combination of the fabrics, black and yellow!

Ritva said...

good morning, you clever dressmaker! looks really smashing!
who cares about some tea all over the place.
i salute you!

Leslie said...

okay, your top turned out great. i love it.
and that bag ... is the pattern from the same book as the top? with your fabric ... oh my gosh. i am excited to see it. i am still waiting to use the fabric you sent me. i want to use it for something really, really special.

Jennifer said...

Thank you Ritva, Leslie, and Natsumi. I didn't finish it yesterday- probably this weekend.
And yes! Leslie- it is from the same book. Anna Maria Horner's "Seams to Me."

Janis said...

Oooh very smashing!!! Lovely and inspirational... xo

*PrairieGirl* said...

i found your blog via flickr when i saw your smock in the same nani iro fabric i'm making mine in! yours is so lovely (i love the yellow lining on the yolk) and i'm really enjoying your blog.