Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cut out the majority of the pieces for the "I'll Have One of Everything" bag.
I really hope to finish my blouse today.
The fabrics above I printed with My Gocco. Some of the fabric is from Leslie's store- she is having a SALE right now!

Blog that I'm obsessed with at the moment: Le Bouton.


natsumi said...

Looking really great! I love the fabrics!!

ps. yes, I think pak choi is the same as bok choi..

Have a wonderful sunday afternoon! ox

Leslie said...

the bag is looking great so far. whooohoooo!

erica said...

beautiful fabrics, what a great etsy link!

Janis said...

I think you, Natsumi, and I are all in doing the same things with our fabric printing and it the moon? xo

Jennifer said...

Thank-you, Ladies!

Janis: Oooh...what are you doing...?