Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Flower Macarons

French Macarons via SF & LA. From Little Flower Candy Co. I love these (who doesn't?) and could not resist the colors. If you haven't figured it out already, I'm a sucker for color.
They taste lovely, though...the woman working at the counter that day at Little Flower told me they aren't made in house yet, but are shipped in from a bakery in San Francisco. Any guesses as to which bakery? Janis?
The Poppy is from our yard. Sucker for color. LOOK at that orange!


natsumi said...

Yummy... I love macarons. Yes, their colors are so pretty!

Schanett said...

jennifer! it's so cool you're playing in the band as well!
I think every band needs a bass, doesn't it?! it's perfect you're playing it!!

yumm!! I like these sweets so much!
here they are calles "luxemburgerli" and they are very famous from one bakery "Sprüngli" in Zürich.

Janis said...

Not a clue on the baker (google time)

Our state flower - vibrant like Jennifer :)

In a band? You play the bass? Do tell!

Ritva said...

yes the colors!

do you know that now nazara is the singer and outi is the manager...what else, do you have any suggestions for the name? i have some in my blog and i know that jo has too in hers. take a look!
i have asked some people to join us, like janis :)

mieke willems said...

looking good! never tried those though!