Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Le Bouton Linen Dress

Lisa Dorr of Le Bouton has placed the last of her Linen Dresses up on her Etsy site before she starts producing them for her catalog (when this happens, the price of the dress will increase) .
Lisa's garments are special and wonderful. Tailored to fit you! This dress comes in black, dark brown, medium grey, natural or indigo. Catch them while you can!
(PS. The colors above are not representative of the actual colors used for the dresses. I am just having fun!)

Photo credit: Lisa Dorr


Janis said...

Love linen, love this dress...

Nazara said...

you play the bass!! :) great.
nice to meet you!

i like your blog too, it´s so sensitive. you have really good taste.