Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wonky Pots

So, I got my glazed pots back and the results were not exactly what I expected!


The glaze on the pot below did not turn out like I wanted it to at all. See that little bit of turquoise? The pot was supposed to be that color! My least favorite of the three. I'm showing you the best part of the glaze in nice lighting. The rest is a dull brown, olive color. Very, um, earthy.


This one I like. It turned out pretty much as I pictured it:



I'm on the fence about this last one. The bowl itself is funny because it's so tiny and clumsy- it looks like a pinch pot. The glaze on this was supposed to be red, but I didn't apply it thickly enough. I like the dark incised marks- I was going for that effect. The inside is nice (top photo). Maybe I'll use it as a salt bowl or something...


So, my least favorite- I took some clippings of succulents from our yard & planted them in the pot.


Now I have a nice little potted plant for our outdoor table!


jenny gordy said...

I love seeing your pots! I think they're beautiful, and I like the imperfections of handmade pottery. I haven't done any glazing yet, but I like that it can turn out to be a total surprise. That makes me a little nervous, but it's also more exciting. My instructors tell me it's like opening Christmas presents, some are unexpectedly amazing and some suck. We don't glaze until 2 weeks from now, and I'm getting anxious to start.

I like the speckled one with the markings on it a lot. I've been doing similar markings on my own hand built pieces to make them a little more exciting since I tend to favor simple shapes.

The succulents in their planter are so cute! Does it feel awesome to have your own work sprinkled throughout your house? It's hard to believe that you just started ceramics and yet you already have so many treasures.

Belinda [simple things] said...

They all look great. That second one (the one that was meant to be turquoise) is a beautiful colour. I like the variation. I'm into earthy! And the tiny one with the darker colours inside the marks - I really like that one too. I think you might feel differently to other people because you had an expectation about what they were supposed to look like, whereas we are just taking them for what they are.

It does take a while to get used to how the glazes change when they are fired. It can be exciting, but also frustrating.

leFiligree said...

they might not be what you wanted but they are still cool! when my hubs threw pots i'd find rejects in the trash all the time--perfectly finished bowls that the artists just didnt like. i started a nice collection that way.

Jade said...

ironically, the one you're using as a planter is my absolute favorite :)

Megan Taylor said...


jennifer said...

i love them! Wonky pottery is the best kind:)

ilana kohn said...

these are beautiful! i especially love the blue one with the ridges. i can't WAIT to see more ermie pottery - and when you start selling i'll be first in line! :)

Janis said...

Treasures, exactly... I love this first collection - exciting isn't it? My favorite is the little one, the salt dish. And I think you've inspired me to find a wheel to throw again. So meditative... x