Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Break from the ERMIE F/W previews (sorry! waiting to get more samples :) ) .

Thank you for all of the positive feedback you've given me so far on the collection! It really helps me with planning and of course it's always a confidence booster to feel that my work is being well received. I appreciate all of your comments!

Our yard on an average afternoon. Pomegranates came early this year*. Big- ass garden spider **. A table & chair set that my mom painted --my parent's first dining room table. I've had it for almost 15 yrs.
ucca blossoms.

* It was around 80 degrees here yesterday. I wanted something cool for dessert. You know what's good? Fresh pomegranate seeds over vanilla ice cream! (okay, maybe there was a square of salted dark chocolate covered caramel in there or two...)

** It's eating bees :(


Belinda [simple things] said...

Pomegranate is one of my favourite fruits. But it is so annoying to get the good bits out!

I like that you have your parents first dining table. My parents have my grandparents' first dining table - and my grandfather made it. It's so special.

SofĂ­a Haltrup said...

I really like the third picture :) Nice light :)

oneeyedrabbit said...

Funny you that you post about pomegranates. I am currently reading the story of Persephone to my daughter. Mahalo!

ashley said...

love your wonky pots!