Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Above: Dress by Milena Silvano

Below: Necklace by Sara Beaver/ We Never Sleep


Trying to make good on promises to document myself wearing what I received in trade with Milena and Sarah.

I like how their two pieces work together.

The first time I wore Milena's dress, I received two compliments on it within about two hours.
Sarah's necklace has a rich, exotic-mystic feel to it, works well with many of my F/W textiles, and reminds me of this and this, so of course I'm loving it.

Thank-you Milena & Sarah! Hope you enjoy the images!

Pictured and not a trade, but equally lovely: ceramic necklace by Juliet Gorman.


Belinda [simple things] said...

Nice trade. Milena's work is great.

I asolutely adore that picture of Aunt Ermie in Egypt. What an adventurer. And she is all frocked up on top of that camel! How ladylike.

stephanie renee said...

i love those two necklaces together!

Anna said...

what great light. we better eat up these last days of summer... :)

Jocy said...

Stunning light.