Thursday, January 21, 2010


all photos courtesy of Shabd

Shabd Simon Alexander's SP '10 Collection.
Especially digging these pieces...all light & air. Exactly what I would want to wear on a hot day in Los Angeles.


Every Little Counts said...

i know...i am dying over this spring collection! the color palate is so soft and dreamy. makes me kinda want to experiment with tie dye. AND i love the styling- now i feel justified for wearing my hair up all the time.

Jennifer said...

Amy, That is so funny that you said that because it reminded me of you...the hair sub-conciously I guess, but also when you were experimenting with painting on the cancas bags & t-shirts early on. I've always loved your up-do's!

Ilana Kohn said...

so amazing!! bring back the tie dye!

ashleyhelvey at yahoo dot com said...

o i like these photos and the clothes are really pretty too!