Saturday, January 9, 2010

Iris Apfel Part II

Lanvin Pink Wool Coat, 1989

Lanvin Silk Faille Evening Dress, 1985

Pink and Orange Mohair Coat, Norman Norell 1959

Norman Norell Ivory Silk Organza Dress with Ostrich Feathers and Sequins. 1964-65

So, this little book was a Christmas gift to myself. Oh my gosh. I'm so glad I purchased this. It's a wealth of inspiration. Major eye candy.
As I was lingering over it's pages, I noticed I was attracted to many pieces by Lanvin and Norman Norell.
Interesting! Of course it's not just the individual pieces, but the way they are styled. Would I want that pink Lanvin Jacket by itself? Maybe (o.k., probably) but, styled with all that beautiful turquoise? YES! Definitely!!

Can't recommend this book enough. It's a wonderful resource for artists and designers.


g/d said...

I once found an INCREDIBLE Norman Norell dress at a thrift shop for a song. Sadly, it was way too big for me so I never wore it but I had it for years, sometimes I still feel a pang of sadness that I sold it.

Those Lanvin pieces are amazing...the ruffle dress?? Insane!!

Amber said...

The oversize jewelry is so cool (especially those cuff bracelets). What else to wear with a pink and orange mohair coat!

Heather Taylor said...

ahhh in love! need!

Every Little Counts said...

ahhhhhhmazing. so, incredibly, wildly amazing. and definitely- all those accessories. i am dying. the glasses! i love!!!