Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lina Rennell & Mociun SP 2010

Above: Lina Rennell SP 2010. Images courtesy Lina Rennell, via treehugger
Below: Caitlin Mociun SP 2010. Images courtesy Caitlin Mociun, also via treehugger.

I'm completely enamored with Lina's triangle print, on her shift dress as shown here. I guess I'm officially collecting her shift dresses now: I have and dearly love both her Ikat Cat & Ant Print Shift Dresses from Spring & Fall 2009 respectively. Must have this latest print!
The shirt dress also looks so comfy, I'd live in it all season long.

Mociun, Mociun, Mociun. What to say? She impresses me every season.
Her shapes just keep getting more and more interesting, and her prints, oh her prints. That first dress kills me!


cheryl cambras said...

WOW!! Keep posting gorgeous dresses, please. They're inspiring me not to lose hope that I'll get my prior shape back. :) These are just amazing.

trinsch said...


erica said...

love seeing new dress silhouettes from mociun!

Every Little Counts said...

i think you are a mociun addict...with good reason! those prints are beyond, i esp. love the top one. reminds me of a dress i have only better.

miss you guys too! can you believe i am actually missing warm weather? maybe it would be different if we actually had heat in our apt!


Jennifer said...

Amy, I am completely a Mociun addict. I have 5 of her tie-front dresses. All bought on sale, but still. It's a bit of a problem.

You don't have any heat in your apartment? Seriously??

Every Little Counts said...


well, there are worse addictions ;)

we do have heat, but our windows are so big and made of plexi that it doesn't seem to matter. living!

Anonymous said...

Very beutiful.
Less it is more
Congratulations from Spain