Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our friend's little boy had his 1st birthday party in the park today. It was packed with families doing the same. The June gloom (1 day early) wasn't stopping people from going outside. I came across a strange flowering tree...


Janis said...

There is something about a funky homemade cake that just makes me smile - again, my mouth is watering!

Jennifer said...

I'm getting cravings for chocolate looking at it again!

natsumi said...

mmm yummy.. My birthday is next week. I want to make it by own... hehe..
The picture at the bottom is very beautiful. Is this flower?

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday in advance!
When is it?

Yes, the picture on the bottom is a flower-
I've never seen it is a blooming tree of some type.
I have no idea what it is!