Thursday, May 21, 2009

Corner View: Coffee, Los Angeles, CA.

Still life with coffee, oleander, and book: "Animal Sketching" by Alexander Calder.
Once again, my Corner View is a day late...I always work Wednesdays, so it's difficult to blog that day. My apologies... So, coffee. I love it.
I had to give up drinking coffee for awhile, but now it seems o.k. again! Hooray! It certainly makes the mornings easier.

The book I picked up on our honeymoon in Paris. It is a reproduction of the original text that was published in 1926. I believe it was published in conjunction with the Calder exhibit which was going on at the Pompidou. It's a wonderful book, and gives me the itch to do some sketching...

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Ritva said...

yes jennifer, coffee with a good book!
have a super nice day!

n a t s u m i said...

Oh, Alexander Calder is one of my favorite artists! I love his line art! You have such a pretty coffee cup!

Have a great holiday weekend! ox

janis said...

Calder...the best. We were at SFMOMA today and took some photos by a sculpture of his - two (three)minds that think alike :) Love your coffee photos and so glad you can indulge in the bean again! Happy weekend Jennifer...xo.

*gemmifer* said...

There was a large Calder exhibition at the Whitney last October through this February.

It was INCREDIBLE! They had sketches from this book, early paintings, sculptures, mobiles, stabiles... and they had the Circus set up in the center of one gallery.

Even better, they were continually screening a film that was made of one of Calder's performances of the Circus, which he did for friends and celebrities at his studio. Truly wonderful!

MODsquad said...

Coffee & and a book... perfect!