Monday, February 9, 2009

questionable taste ?

As I get older, I find myself not really caring about what others may think of what I'm wearing. I dress for my own amusement. Like buying and wearing this vintage rhinestone encrusted lion door-knocker necklace (I am a Leo, so this appealed to me- from Lady). It made me laugh!
I used to wear a lot of black. In my opinion, Los Angeles is too hot most of the time to wear a lot of black. Now I love to wear color, and bold patterns (as seen here and here) and I love wearing them all together at once and ignoring whether things clash. Poor taste? Maybe- but I am having a good time.

** "Romance" T-shirt by Every Little Counts

Oh, I almost forgot: Mina Perhonen and Sally Scott have lovely spring updates.


Every Little Counts said...

i love your questionable taste! this necklace is amazing...good find!

Beklina said...

I love it. I would totally wear it!

Ritva said...

hi jennifer,
i think that clothes are FOR people, not the other way round.
i absolutely agree with you:
to dress for own amusement!
let´s have a good time with that!

Cheryl Cambras said...

Oh wow, I have a lion knocker too! I had a hope chest with them on it. When I moved, I kept the knocker -- a necklace is a brilliant idea! I love how it mixes with the shirt.

natsumi said...

This necklace is so gorgeous!!
I really want to go shopping and get some Spring clothes!!