Saturday, February 7, 2009


We have had a lot of rain here in So. Cal the last couple of days. The rain makes for beautiful skies with huge clouds. It also apparently drowned this giant spider/ small tarantula in our back yard. I have found these before near our house. Look at it's hairy appendages! UPDATE: The spider is the California Trap-Door Spider, Bothriocyrtum californicum. I just had to find out.

Listening to KCRW in the car today (I'm a member!) and heard Pepi Ginsberg for the first time. I especially like her song "The Contortionist."


Ritva said...

those skies!
they are like 3 poems.

uuuuh,that giant spider!
maybe that´s why i love winters ;)

Janis said...

Beautiful clouds...the sky should always be so decorated. xo

natsumi said...

Lovely clouds!!

I am so afraind of spiders!! Do they bite? I love gardening but I am going to cry and scream if I see them....