Sunday, November 9, 2008

Maybe because it's Sunday, but the religious objects around our house are catching my eye today. Tomory was raised Catholic, but was not confirmed... he's pretty much an agnostic. I did not have a religious upbringing at all, but for some reason I am drawn to religious art and objects. Tomory's mother Madeleine gave us the little St. Francis below.

Madeleine is also an artist. She is a painter, and like Tomory is working mostly in an abstract vein these days. However, she does make icons from time to time, and we were lucky to receive one for Christmas a while back.

Detail shots of Madeleine's icon of the Archangel Michael.
Isn't it lovely?
I love illuminated manuscripts. Soon, the Getty Museum in L.A. will be showing The Belles Heures of the Duke of Berry, from the Cloisters in New York. Can't wait to see it.

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