Sunday, November 16, 2008

Art and fashion. Went to the Hammer, LACMA, and did some window shopping Saturday. Snapped some images of prints that caught my eye while perusing the sale racks at Barney's. Below:
zero+maria cornejo
"nomad print"

Above: print from the Jacqueline dress by Sariah

The Hammer had some wonderful exhibits up.
I was able revisit a favorite Alice Neel painting entitled
"Thanksgiving" (below)

Ended up at an opening at ACME where they had a Lisa Sanditz piece on display.
Sole Shop, 2008
Photo credit: Acme Gallery

My detail shot of Lisa's painting.


Anonymous said...

Ha, I know you didn't just window shop...
Why don't you put a link to your blog on your facebook page? Maybe more people would read it.

Jennifer said...

I window shopped! Tomory didn't, and I benefited from it :)