Monday, November 24, 2008

I just love discovering new things. The blogging world is such a great resource for that-
I wanted to share with you some images from a textile company in Japan, NUNO.
Photo credit above: Sue Lawtry/ Victoria and Albert Museum.

All other photos courtesy of NUNO.

It appears as if they have two divisions : NUNO and NUNO Works. The company is interested in combining the lastest technology and materials along with traditonal Japanese textile production methods. Their websites are full of amazing, inspiring images. This is just a smattering.
My good friend Debra Baxter (who is a very talented artist...please check out her work), introduced her mom Jo to my blog (Hi, Jo :)
Jo was kind enough to send me a surface design magazine that featured NUNO (thanks Jo!) and now I am sharing it with the rest of you.


db said...

Yes jo rules...and thanks for my awesome presents!xxooxx

natsumi said...

This is one of my favorite companies!! I love their fabric! So inspiring!!

BTW, Thank you so much for purchasing my holiday cards!! oxox