Monday, July 9, 2012

The Store is Open!

IMG_0266_1 copy

The Store is now OPEN!
Happy Shopping everyone. 

Special thanks to:
Kate Miss for her stunning photographs, good nature & work ethic.
Lauren Spencer King: for being my muse for this collection, and allowing us to photograph her, her beautiful work and studio. 
Beatrice Valenzuela: for her endless, fun, positive energy...and creating such beautiful hair and makeup looks for this shoot (and bringing those yummy Citrus Combinados!)
Jessica Cheng: For assisting with the shoot, being a good sport, and being a sweetheart who volunteered to go on a coffee run!
Kathryn Bentley of Dream Collective for loaning us some of her amazing jewelry, that all looked Perfect with the clothing.
Vanessa Samp and Cheryl Cambras for creating unique, marvelous, works of art for this collection, and for putting up with my slowness!

Irma Paz, for her expert sewing.
Tomory Dodge: my collaborator, my love, I could never do this with out you.

All looks in this collection were collaboratively styled by Jennifer Parry Dodge, Kate Miss, Beatrice Valenzuela, Lauren Spencer King, and Jessica Cheng.


** The New Huipil Dress, Raku Print Sundress, and the Indigo Skinny Strap Tank and Skinny Skirt should be available in the Shop next week, all as ready made items! Of course, I will let you know exact update times on this blog, and on my Instagram.


kay w. said...

woohoo! i actually just sent you an email - i had a bit of a problem while trying to checkout with a dress...i hope, hope, hope it's still available!

lauren said...


AMAZING Jennifer!!!
you are inspiring!
time to celebrate!

Jennifer and Kate and Bea and Jessica - it was a dream to work with you BEAUTIFUL and talented ladies!

love, L

ilana kohn said...

whoohoo, congrats! all that work and it was so worth it.

Vanessa Samp said...

<3 to you J!

Janis said...

Yeah Jennifer ! good job ! wonderful collection! X

Ashley said...

Jennifer, will the printed skirt that's pictured with the indigo tank also be available in your shop? That's the one I'm eying :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Ashley,
I hope so! There are some printing issues with that skirt. I hope to have them resolved this week; if so - expect the skirt in the shop around August! I'll announce shop updates here.

Belinda said...

Woooo!! You got there. Congratulations. You've all done a great job. x

gc said...

Jen, I've had my eye on that new Huipil dress! It looks so amazing (as does everything in your shop!) I'm so excited for you!

Please come by and claim some artwork for yourself very soon, ok?!

Linda K. said...

Jennifer, I'm really excited about your new collection. It's beautiful, and I hope I can own a piece soon.

Anonymous said...

yeah!!! big congrats! so happy for you. everything turned out beautifully! xoxo

jenny gordy said...

Yay! Beautiful job on the collection and shoot. It's obvious how much talent and work went into this. Hopefully you're basking in a wonderful feeling of satisfaction!

Jade said...

i have to tell you that the photos look so amazing side by side in your web shop!! They all work incredibly well together and play off of each other. I love that sometimes the model is looking down with hands in her pockets and not just staring blankly at the viewer. The whole effect reminds me a little bit of Feral Childe (whom I love)--it's very art school meets avant garde playful. Everything is alive with color.