Saturday, July 21, 2012


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Image: Tomory Dodge

Tonight, at the Company in Chinatown. 7:30 pm!

The GP's are Tomory Dodge (drums) Terry Chatkupt (guitar, vocals), Thomas Burkhardt (sax, flute), and Jay Stuckey (vocals, bass). Tonight's performance is a part of Perform Chinatown: "One Night, Over 40 Actions, Installations, Manifestations, and Interventions by performance artists from around the world."

See a free show or two, eat some Chinese food, have a Scorpion at Hop Louie's. See you there!

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Cheryl Cambras said...

"The good times in Bohemia will be only when the golden peacocks will sweat the wine." - from Cesky Krumlov :) They were awesome! Great seeing you. xoxo