Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Huipil/ Store Updates

ERMIE New Huipil Dress
Photography: Kate Miss
Textile designs © Jennifer Parry Dodge

The ERMIE New Huipil Dress, pictured above, will be available in limited quantities in the Store on Monday, 7/16/12 at 10 am PST. These dresses will ship immediately (i.e. 2-3 days from purchase). I will also be taking Pre-Orders, via the store, for the next batch of Huipils that will ship around 8/6/12.

Next week (7/23) I hope to have the Indigo Skinny Tanks and Skinny Skirts, as well as the Raku Print Sundress stocked in the shop. I'll let you know exact details as I know them. :)

As of this writing there is ONE size Small Hand Dyed Indigo Tank (Thanks Jen for the mention!!!) in the shop
 I'll be dyeing more linen, to produce more of these tanks, which should also arrive in the shop in early August.

Hope you are all having a summery weekend! Thanks for all of your interest and support!


Dewey Dell said...

Hi Jennifer,

Is it possible to pre-order the Huipil in any other size than small?


Jennifer said...

Hi Sam, emailing you now!

yahaira said...

Jennifer, do you take custom sizes for pre-orders? I would love a Huipil (actually, I've been wanting one of your pieces since you started!) but I don't fit in the size chart :(


Jennifer said...

Hi Yahaira, I'm afraid I am all sold out for the Pre-order batch for August. I may do another batch, if so, keep your eyes on this blog...because that's where I'll announce it. I would dake a custom pre-order- but I'm sold out of that fabric right now :(

Jocy said...