Saturday, November 12, 2011


Some simple things that I am loving lately:


Czech Army "Bread Bag" purchased this summer in Seattle at the Army-Navy Surplus Store to use as a camera bag. I've started using it as my go-to day to day purse. $14. I'd love to make a version of this in leather. Or out of canvas printed with one of my designs!


Our revamped compost bin, built by my husband. I think it's cute how he painted both the little door and the support green.


ERMIE rubber stamps.
For stamping envelopes & packages that I send out to my customers.


Various Projects said...

i have "buy stamps" on my list, too! any recommendations on where to order from?

Jennifer said...

This is who I used :
Fast, reasonable prices. Easy to use website to upload your images to, etc. :)

Various Projects said...

yep, a friend also recommended them... gonna have to check them out. thx! :)

meighan said...

Just found you through Kate Miss. I can't wait to see what your shop looks like! Love the fabrics and styles.