Tuesday, November 1, 2011


EDIT: I posted this really early this morning due to insomnia (too much Halloween Candy!). I wasn't up to putting words to this post then; I am now!

The Fantastic Mr. Fox is actually my godson, GG.
His dad, Gian-Martin, made his amazing costume from scratch. All of my friends will agree- besides being one of the kindest people on the face of this earth, Gian-Martin can make anything. Need a wedding ring (he made ours)--no problem. Custom made furniture? Bass Guitars? Yep. He can do that too. He needs a website, no?

Tomory was a ghost (wearing what we thought was a pretty lame last minute costume at first--but the kids were terrified by it! Nice to know a sheet with holes cut in it can still strike terror in the hearts of small children.).

I was a fortune teller. No pics unfortunately -since I'm the one who is always behind the camera! One picture exists, taken by my husband, but I had neck-face, so you won't be seeing that photo here. I wore lots of ERMIE chiffon scarves, the Free Sleeve Dress in the Canyon Print, pretty much all of my jewelry and heavy gold and deep purple eye make up. I looked like David Bowie in the Blue Jean video.

The little paper ghost in the top pic is by my bud Cheryl Cambras, and the caramel apples (featured on the ETSY Tumblr today--thanks, Etsy!) were made by our friend's neighbor.

The sausages (yum) are from Schreiner's.

Happy 11-1-11!


natasha said...

that pumpkin is PERFECT.

Cheryl Cambras said...

His costume looks amazing!! Looks like you had a fun Halloween. xoxox

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh i am freaking out over his costume!! so cool + adorable.

hope you had a happy halloween!


modaspia said...

great pics!

Jennifer said...

GG's costume is incredible! His dad definitely does need a website... or the rest of us do so we can drool over his creations. Tomory's costume is great! I find it a little bit creepy, a little bit funny, a little bit like Charlie Brown's Halloween costume in The Great Pumpkin cartoon.

Cheryl Cambras said...

HOLY CRAP. I had no idea Gian made the costume. I am breathless!!! Wow!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Cheryl- Gian made the head, Gian's mom sewed the little fur gloves, booties, and tail. The suit was bought Downtown somewhere. Amazing.

Halloween is a huge holiday in L.A.--I'm sure other parents would love a Mr. Fox costume for their kids--not to mention for themselves!

Cheryl Cambras said...

WOW, I'm still stunned. Can the three of us start a workshop/studio, like NOW???

handmade romance said...

the fantastic mr fox costume is so awesome! : )

lamina @ do a bit said...

Fantastic Mr Fox looked absolutely amazing and super cute!!! What a clever dad he has! Love it!