Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Peek pt.3


Photographs by Kate Miss
Model: Melanie Nakaue
Styling: Dodge/ Miss/ Nakaue

Textile Designs: © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2011

A couple of photos by Kate Miss, from the ERMIE F/W/ Holiday '11 Look Book shoot that occurred yesterday.

I knew when I asked her to document this collection her photographs would be amazing, but damn (if I do say so myself)!

Also: A little bird told me both the Handwoven and Brass Drops Necklaces pictured above will be for sale in Kate's Shop update taking place this Saturday 11/19!

Edit: Wowee! ERMIE on Hunter Gathererer! I love how Ashley edited my photographs...so interesting!
(thanks Ashley <3)


Cheryl Cambras said...

It's all dreamy, J. I love everything.

Jennifer said...

Melanie is a wonderful model and wears your beautiful designs so well... it seems like you and she and Kate are a real Dream Team!

Evie said...

so exciting! cant wait to see them in your shop : )

jennifer said...

Beautiful Jennifer!

Anonymous said...

the light is fantastic .. can really see the gorgeous prints.

Is It Secret, Is It Safe said...

so gorgeous! the prints are lovely, and i love all the subtle detail.