Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Sale!


I'm trying something a bit different- putting one-off items and remnants of my yardage up for sale LoGE style. Items will change every few days.

Click on the "Summer Sale" text to the right of (or directly below in) this post for details.

First item up: a modified Ave. 51 Huipil Dress!

EDIT: Besides the Summer Sale there is Summer Camp...Camp Comfort , that is...where Jennifer of Odette New York was kind enough to mention my scarf as one of her Summer Essentials.

Thank You Jennifer!


angela said...

such a good idea! i'll keep checking for something that i'll fit into ;).

Jennifer said...

Angela, thanks!
I'll have a couple of tops soon which will fit a range of sizes -appx size 4- 8. Maybe a size 6 dress. A couple of small scarves. Maybe some gently worn Fall samples :)
If you sew I'll be placing yardage there too... Pieces that are definitely large enough to make into tops or a short skirt, even dresses in some cases.

Jennifer said...

What a great idea, and so exciting! I hope to snag something for myself ;)