Friday, August 19, 2011

Stuff & things...


I try not to do too many posts about material things that I acquire, but when it relates to indie designers whose work I adore...I feel like it's OK. But I still interjected some photos of the non- material variety for a little balance:)

1,2: Odette NY Pod ring. A generous gift from one of my very favorite designers.

4,5: From a little exchange with Martha. These photos truly do not do her work justice. But I felt like if I didn't post about the dress now- I never would. You can get a better sense of the rich and subtly varied color of the dress in pics 1,2 --it's the "backdrop" for Jennifer's ring.
This is a felted wool piece, but it's so soft and cozy. I especially love the cut of the garment. I'd never wear it IRL like I am in the pics above. If I'm brave enough- I'll wear it with some super opaque black tights & cool flats for Fall. I wish the temperatures would co-operate here in SoCal so I could wear this beauty NOW.

8,9: Also from Odette NY, from the upcoming Fall/Winter line- this Arrow Bracelet. I also got one in brass to give to my BFF for her birthday so we'll match. I've been wearing mine non-stop! I can't wait to see what else Jennifer has in store for this F/W.

Have you acquired anything recently that you are loving? Do share.

Have a wonderful weekend!


angela said...

I love the colour of that dress! & that ring is gorgeous! I spotted it in a few posts back and thought it was beautiful, of course it's Odette ;)

I've been hoarding necklaces it seems! The shriners fez, the shield necklace from cursive design, & a ceramic bead necklace from juliet gorman!

Of course I'm also hoping to pick up something from you through your summer sale! I'm a bigger girl though so I'm crossing my fingers!

courtney said...

I love that arrow bracelet so, so much. Can't wait to see her fall line!

Jennifer said...

Angela- omg-I am totally hoarding jewelry right now too.
I too purchased one of Juliet's pieces, AND Sarah's Shriner's Fez necklace. They have also been in heavy rotation. Need to do posts on those too.

I am going to post some size 6/8 dresses soon; but I do have a beautiful Silk Magic Marker Print Huipil top that could easily fit a size 10/12.

Belinda [simple things] said...

I love these earthy tones.

I'm yet to acquire something from Martha, though not through lack of trying! This dress is very nice. So subtle.

I am feeling the same way that you are about wanting to wear winter pieces about my summer clothing. I've had enough of boots, wool tights and layers already! I just want to get up in the morning and put on a flimsy sun dress.

I acquired some amazing pieces from thrift stores recently. They are the best type of acquisition, I reckon. So satisfying and unique.

Jade said...

been *lusting* for that arrow bracelet by odette. pure love!! it is fantastic and simple and delicate despite being a weapon. too cool.

ashley said...

very nice!

leFiligree said...

the felted brown wool has me intrigued. its really pretty.

i wear my odette claw earrings, and a pyrrha wax seal so much i am now allergic to them. and my white levis dearly need a rest. come on, fall, just so i can change my wardrobe!

Jennifer said...

I am loving the dress I bought today to wear to my sister's wedding... Half Moon Bay in late October--I can't wait! Now I have to decide if I want to wear one of my existing necklace designs or try to come up with a new one...