Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Customers

carol 3

Customer service. It's important. I aim to please. I really do (within reason). Before I started working in textiles, I had many, many jobs in the service industry. I think I learned a little something about customer service. Even while I worked in nursing- I found customer service (a.k.a "bedside manner") to be crucial.
I try to be helpful, friendly, flexible. I want each customer to feel like they are important (because they are). I listen to what my customers want, and sometimes the results surprise me!

Case in point: this Huipil (pictured above, pics 1-4) that I did as a special order for a client. She wanted it in the Shibori Print, in silk. I wasn't completely happy with how this print had been looking on the silk--but because I respected the customer--I decided to give it a shot. It turned out beautifully! So much so that I'm considering making this top in Spring '12! (Maybe you can guess who it's for :)

The last few days have been a whirlwind of new orders, picking up & packing old orders, emailing customers, ordering fabric, going to the post office, AND trying to nail down the designs for F/W '11, initiating planning for the F/W '11 look book photo shoot, ALSO working on a designs for S/S '12...which involves teaching myself how to make repeat patterns in Photoshop (fun!) & includes a collaboration with an artist I'm very excited about!!

I'm so happy that you guys like the Summer Sale idea. I wasn't sure it would fly..but I thought it might be a nice way to make some of my pieces more affordable, offer some yardage, and clean out my studio all at once :)

I'm also thrilled when I receive photos from my happy customers wearing my clothing. The photo above is Carol, who lives in London! So cool that she chose a background that is similar to the print. She looks so cute with that beautiful smile. She's wearing this top, which is sadly sold out, but I still have one dress left in this print in the shop. Thanks, Carol!!

Another thing that brings me a little bit of joy: going over to my seamstress' place to drop off customer's orders. She has a tree in her backyard that looks like the eye of a sewing needle. A synchronicity that pleases me to no end.


erica said...

the shibori print in silk looks so pretty! wish that huipil dress on sale fit me. i love the idea of a summer sale!

Jennifer said...

Thanks are the stylish queen of finding sales!
Glad you are blogging again :)

Jade said...

so excited for my new ermie wears to arrive! was truly a pleasure corresponding with you. and you are right--customer service is REALLY important! i have definitely learned that in medicine.

Jennifer said...

Thank -you!
Yes- in medicine it really helps. If the pt feels supported the outcome is usually more positive. I worked in psych for 3 yrs and honestly feel I escaped any injuries from agitated patients due to this (I was just plain lucky, too).

Caroline said...

Thanks Jennifer! I love the top to bits and will definitely be wearing it a lot this summer.


Belinda [simple things] said...

Isn't that one of the great things about selling online - getting to hear from the customers? I can honestly say that, for me, it is the one of most satisfying parts of making and selling things - reading the words of a happy customer. It fills me with joy to find out that something that I made has put a smile on someone's face and made them feel special while using/wearing it.

I agree about listening to customers - sometimes they push you just that little bit out of your comfort zone and it is pleasantly surprising that things can work beautifully out of that zone. It's like spontaneous collaboration, really.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing some of your yardage listed. I hope to snaffle some up for myself!

Jocy said...

Yes, the shibori print in silk is really lovely!