Tuesday, July 12, 2011

O.P.D. *


ERMIE Ave. 51 print silk scarf, Ilana Kohn Black Ikat Lizzie Dress, vintage necklace from Lady.


Ilana Kohn Black Ikat Lizzie Dress, Rachel Comey heels, vintage Native American turquoise & silver cuff.

L: Double Block Necklace- Mociun & Katy Krantz. M: Vest from Platform, belt from J.Crew. R: Odette Fox Claw Necklace, Dream Collective multi-colored record bead necklace.


Ilana Kohn Dress, ERMIE Magic Marker print silk scarf, ERMIE Shibori Print silk sash, Odette Fox Claw Necklace, Isabel Marant S/S '10 necklace, vintage Native American turquoise & silver cuff. Way Tweaked. Just because.


ERMIE Ikat Print silk shell, Mociun S/S '11 skirt, Odette Fox Claw necklace, Dream Collective Necklace, vintage Native American turquoise & silver cuff.

Playing dress up. I try to wear something I designed every day...it's a good way to see how my garments hold up over time, if they are actually comfortable, etc. But I do enjoy wearing the work of other designers- ( *Other People's Designs: O.P.D....not O.P.P....that's very different) among my favorite purchases from Other Designers this summer: Ilana Kohn's Black Ikat Lizzie Dress. When she posted her summer collection I snapped this little number immediately. The ikat woven cloth was so striking, and the dress looked like it would be comfortable & versatile (it is)--literally something you can just throw on & go. I received it in the mail today, and I am already in love.

I've also worn my Mociun Pleat skirt quite a bit this spring & summer. Also very comfortable- it too works with many items you wouldn't expect. The other day I wore it with the ERMIE Ikat print 'silk shell' --not a new style- but this dress that I chopped up.
I had stained the original dress with blood (don't ask) and threw it in the wash to clean it. Of course it shrank--so instead of tossing the whole thing I salvaged what I could. I actually like it...next summer, I'll definitely be making some tank dresses & sleeveless shells to beat the heat.

What have you been wearing this summer? Did you make anything that you've been wearing? Do you have a current favorite summer outfit?
What do you wear to stay cool? Share, share :)

Also: Just in case you may have missed it- one of my favorite designers, Jennifer Sarkilahti of Odette, was featured on The Makers!


leFiligree said...

it's been too cold and rainy for shorts, so i've only gone as far as rolling up the cuff on my jeans. i do like to sew (dresses, skirts, tank tops) but i have to force myself to wear them LOL.

P R I M O E Z A said...

ilana's dress looks great on you. another one for the wishlist.

jennifer said...

thanks jennifer!

simple things said...

I was wondering what OPD meant! I like that bottom outfit. In fact, I like them all.

I can't share any summer outfits - sorry! We're in serious winter here.

Anonymous said...

oh man.... so many killer clothes / outfits. i am dying!! nothing i love more than a good mix of patterns. ;)

you look rad as always! xo

victoria / cats dreaming in keylime said...

I spent all last year making smock dresses, using a basic pattern (built by wendy) & then tweaking it and adding hear & there, and now I wear the hell out of them. With clogs or ankle boots, & leggings if it's chilly.

Megan Taylor said...

I love playing dress-up!

I've been loving my new red knit sweater from Zara and my new (and very first pair of) white jeans, also from Zara. I'll wear it with either Salt Water Sandals or my new nude heels!

Heather kind of helped me with my wardrobe when she came to town last. Let's just say it was a major game of Dress-up!


ilana kohn said...

jennifer, omigoodness!! i'm dying over how well you mixed & matched everything! it's always so neat to see how other people wear your work, especially when they really really put their own spin on it. you've made my day and then some! :)

leanne said...

So much fun to see how you mixed everything together - and playing dress up looked like fun! Ugh - you may have convinced me that I need the Ilana dress. And the mociun skirt - I've wanted it for awhile but can't seem to find one now after totokaelo sold out.
Can't wait to wear my new huipil dress!


great combos!