Thursday, July 21, 2011

Photo by Jenny Gordy

So pretty.
Jenny in the Bokeh Tank.

(love her hair here...also love seeing Mociun & Krantz paired with ERMIE :)

You ladies are spoiling me this week.

I do love seeing photos of people wearing my work. Truly an honor. If you have them- please send them to my email address...and let me know if you'd like them posted here or not!

The shop should re-open for taking custom orders sometime next week. I'll announce it here when it does.


lamina @ do a bit said...

I love it!! It's so cool seeing people wearing you fab designs :)

hazel and hunter said...


shara said...

she looks lovely! what beautiful colors your tank top has.

Cheryl said...

The top is beautiful as is Jenny. Mociun + Krantz +Ermie= perfection! Top of my wish list!

Anne-Marie said...

Wow, fantastic! I will take a pic of my Ermie pieces. :-)