Wednesday, July 20, 2011

photo-63 bowl
photo: Whitney Bedford

Went to see Dudamel conduct Mozart at the Bowl last night with some friends.
Our first Bowl concert of the season! We had a simple picnic beforehand of roasted chicken, hummus, pita, grapes + tomatoes from our garden & red wine.
Seeing concerts at the Hollywood Bowl is one of my favorite things about living Los Angeles...there is nothing quite like picnicking and hearing music in the open air, surrounded by the canyon & the canopy of the night sky.

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leanne said...

I wish we could do that - I haven't been to the Bowl in years! A couple of years ago we saw Andrew Byrd and Wilco at Tanglewood, which was amazing, although slightly smaller. We had a lovely picnic on the lawn then sat in our seats for the concert ... still one of my favorite memories.

Do you have tickets for the season?