Thursday, May 12, 2011


More of our home grown fava's- this time made into a pesto of sorts (looks like guacamole!) with basil, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.


Below: Pretty much my ideal breakfast- poached egg on toast, avocado with olive oil on toast, fresh berries & stovetop espresso with milk & sugar


Getting ready: ERMIE tags back from the printer just waiting for me to cut them.

I also ordered a bunch of stuff from Hiki, like these paper clips (below), to slip into people's ERMIE orders as a special little extra surprise.



The incredible vest that I purchased from Platform. I might not ever wear it...just study it for inspiration. The embroidery is so wonderful. I love vintage textiles. I like to think about
who made them, what that person's life was like, imagine what other objects they might have created. I feel a sense of wonder when I think about how a textile from the other side of the world and another time came into my possession.

So: Leaving you this random post to look at for a while. I need a break from the computer. Sometimes it makes me feel a little worn out, crazy & negative, all of this blogging and technology. I wonder if other people experience this?
I need to walk, do some yoga, be in the sun, read some books, have some adventures. Before I start writing boring, super-confessional, venting posts. Yikes!

Also: The ERMIE spring/summer photoshoot is happening next week! Which means, the new items should be in the shop by the end of May. I'll let you know the exact date & time of the shop update here on this blog when it's time.

See you soon,



Megan Taylor said...

favas are my fave!

Vanessa Samp said...

vest is crazy amazing! regarding taking well needed technology breaks, i totally agree. have fun on the photo shoot coming up. stoked!

amanda jane said...

I'll be excited to see the photos from the shoot!