Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Went to Chinatown last night to meet our friend Jay to see the art exhibit he helped organize.

After viewing the show, we went over to Hop Louie for a drink and movie night. I hadn't been there in years! They were showing a black and white film from 1955 called Dementia in conjunction with Jay's exhibit (there is one more upcoming film in this series). The film was pretty cool actually- much of it was filmed in Venice, CA., and it was interesting to see what Venice looked like circa 1955. They also served free chips & popcorn during the screening --I'm very easy to please!
I also had some kind of drink called a Scorpion, (a big bowlful of hard liquor with ice & a straw basically) and the next thing I know I have agreed to sing & perform in a band at Jay's opening in September. Never mind that I am kind of shy, and can't sing or play a musical instrument.
Should be interesting!

Shooting photos in Chinatown is always fun, but it also feels like I'm cheating- everything there is already so colorful and photogenic


Cheryl Cambras said...

What a coincidence! I'll have to mention it to the other Jen. Thanks for trekking over here. Was great to see you, as always!

Anne-Marie said...

I love that first photo!

Anonymous said...

big girl drink huh? sounds fun!