Thursday, April 28, 2011


Teeny peek of a potential ERMIE F/W '11 Textile (Summer stuff coming in the next month! Promise!) while stirring risotto. I like to take the prints/clothing for test drives before deciding on whether to include them in a collection.


Peas from the garden again!


Roasted asparagus & shards of crispy baked prosciutto.


Lemon Ricotta Risotto with Spring Vegetables. It called for 3 tablespoons of butter which I realized this morning as I was composing this post that I forgot to add- but it really didn't need it! From the current issue of Sunset Magazine (I actually really love that magazine- when I was a kid I thought it was a magazine for senior citizens. Ha! "Sunset," get it?).


Headless Husband.


GPOY * as they say on Tumblr.


Highland Park, Night.

* Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself.

*** Oh my. Probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my work.
Thanks Jennifer!!


modaspia said...

he's probably looking for more risotto! great prints jennifer, beautiful shots too..

yes said...

Oh, wow. That food looks amazing! xxx

Anne-Marie said...

You inspire me to cook. Damn you! I hate to cook! :-)

oneeyedrabbit said...

AHH! I love your textiles. I can't wait!!!

Shara said...

That dish does look amazing! And I love that you take your designs out for test drives :) So smart!

Vanessa Samp said...

your dishes always look so good! you are quite the cook!