Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Friends of Similar Size

Bling Necklace 2
bling necklace
bracelet detail

All photographs courtesy of FRIENDS OF SIMILAR SIZE.

FRIENDS OF SIMILAR SIZE: A new jewelry line by Los Angeles based artist Melanie Nakaue, available exclusively at LAXArt.

From the website:

"Viewing each item as a functional sculpture, FRIENDS OF SIMILAR SIZE focuses on highly unique one
of a kind pieces, with an aesthetic appreciation and re-interpretation of shared experiences, objects and processes."

So playful! They remind me of making jewelry out of tin foil as a child!

Congratulations Melanie!


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and Dana Schutz, one of my favorite artists is speaking tomorrow at USC!


sasha said...

woah this is so weird to see. all i've been thinking about for the last bunch of months is wanting to make jewelry out of tin foil. whenever you think of something it's already out there.

SASHA said...

(that was me, i was signed in under another email)