Sunday, March 14, 2010

Major love for this insane print & jumpsuit.

Could I actually wear this? That is the question.
Would I look like a clown on the lam? Or would I look like I stepped out of Ossie Clark era London?

All images above & below courtesy of Creatures of Comfort

This coat is just perfection. An interesting twist on the military trend. A very versatile design. Go here to see more permutations.

Jumpsuit & coat designed by Rachel Comey.


KATLIN said...

i love the print for the jumpsuit! i think the silhouette would look bad on me, so i'd like it in a classic button up! i love crazy, loud prints in classic button ups!

Anonymous said...

these two pieces are so different but equally incredible. RC strikes again. but god, the jacket is STUNNING. thanks for the link to frances may - a good reminder to check it out in person this week! ;)