Monday, March 29, 2010

London: Food

Room Service. Very, very Indulgent at our very, very lovely hotel (Thank-you Alison!!).

Had to have the Fish & Chips. At a pub, of course. Tomory had the Bangers and Mash:
I find the photo that I took of this dish to be slightly repulsive, but Tomory said it was very good!

Cute little Greek place that David & Madeleine (my in-laws) took us out to (thank-you David & Madeleine

The real reason for this post : Tayyab's. A little 100% Halal Pakistani-Punjabi restaurant in London's East End. Holy freaking H-E- Double Hockey Sticks.
The most crowded restaurant per patron per square foot I have ever seen. They don't take reservations. They told us the wait would only be about a half hour. It was closer to 2. In the cold & rain. I was so hungry I think my stomach ate itself while I was waiting.
Sounds like a nightmare, right?
It was heavenly.
Once it was our turn to be seated, the service was incredibly prompt. Every dish was made to perfection. Amazing.
Worth a 2 hour wait, in the cold and rain, while your stomach eats itself.
If you are ever in London, you must go (Thank-you Alison!!).

Tayyabs, 83-89, Fieldgate St. London E1 1JU


Jennifer said...

Boy oh boy. I am recovering from ingesting massive amounts of good food tonight at a Passover Seder, but this post has got my stomach grumbling again!

Also, don't forget to give props to the mushy peas they served with your fish and chips... they are a classic of English cuisine!

Jennifer said...

Yes! The Mushy Peas. They were so green.
Do you think they used food coloring?
Happy Passover :)

Jocy said...

AH! You make me miss London, one of my favorite cities, ever.