Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kaori Yamazaki Organic

Above: Just absolutely in love with this dress designed by Kaori Yamazaki and Aya Shiraishi, featuring a hand-painted print detail by Shiraishi.

Below: More of Yamazaki's work, which can also be seen here & here .
It takes skill to make items that look so simple, yet remain interesting- you get the sense that her designs are distilled down to only the elements that she feels are absolutely essential.


janis said...

This is good stuff - I am in love with Japanese fashion, styling and design.

ps. Thank you for the very nice comment on my blog. I am seriously going to put some thought into your suggestion. I am in a lazy phase at the moment and really need to shake myself out of it. How have you been lately? Wondering...

Jennifer said...

It has been very frustrating lately!
I seem to be sick all of the time/ never got over my cold from Feb.
I have a sore throat & GI "issues" right now. Work has been very stressful, and I know it's related.
I'm in a lazy spell, too. But I know we will both emerge :)
I'm leaving for London in a couple of weeks! Can't believe it! Any suggestions?

Kaori said...

Hi Jennifer!

Thank you for this nice post! I feel so honored!
I actually realized that you must know Alex a few days ago. I went to my friend, Ashley's blog and saw a couple of comments, then I randomly clicked the people's name who left the comments. Then it was you. And found Alex's blog!! So funny! Yes, I'm a friend of him. Wow, such a small world... Aya is a good friend of mine, too! She doesn't have a website, though. She should have one!!

ashleyhelvey at yahoo dot com said...

I love Kaori's work and hadn't seen this wallet- so nice :)

janis said...

Sorry about the cold and GI issues, it's such a bummer when you can't shake it. I had a lengthy cold/whatever from Nov. through the beginning of Jan. Yes, stress can be such a huge factor, it takes a toll. I really hope you get better soon...because... your going to London! How lucky you are and I am sooo jealous Jennifer ;^) I love to give suggestions so I will put some thought into your question - I can already think of a few things, but I will email you later :^)

Take care, tea and sleep... xo, j.