Friday, March 12, 2010

London Bound

Shots I took of my husband's studio when his show was in progress.

The completed work is on it's way to London as of yesterday.
We will be on our way there, too in about another week.

I haven't really even thought about what I want to do there, where I want to go.

I do know I want to go here.

Tomory's dealer Alison represents Robert Mapplethorpe in London. I think while Tomory is installing his show (the opening is 3/25/10...stop by!) I'll ask her if I can see some of Mapplethorpe's pieces.

We will be staying in a flat in Bloomsbury. Any sightseeing/dining/ shopping suggestions are welcome & encouraged.


erica said...

ooh, lucky you! talk about fabric heaven...good luck to tomory and last minute preparations for his show. how exciting!

*gemmifer* said...

I went to Liberty about eight years ago. I could have moved in and lived there if they would have let me! Boy, I wish I was going with you. I can't wait to hear all about your trip and Tomory's show!

n a t s u m i said...

Woow, visitng London sounds awesome! I have been there once and I loved Tate modern museum.
Have a great trip!!

oneeyedrabbit said...

Grosvenor House has the best breakfast! I wish I could have tried their high tea but it was too pricey when I went to London at the time. The dollar was like 2:1 to the pound. Hope you have fun.

ashleyhelvey at yahoo dot com said...

how exciting! i recommend st. john restaurant, hurwundeki, tea smith, rose bakery, and the nordic bakery

Hadley said...

i'd go to the jo malone store